Wai S Cheung, DDS, DMD, MS

Meet Dr. Cheung

Specializes in gum and bone disease around teeth, as well as implant therapy

Wai S Cheung, DDS, DMD, MS

Dr. Wai S Cheung completed the Advanced Specialty program in Periodontology, successfully fulfilled the requirements for the Master’s degree in Science at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Prior to that, she earned a DDS degree from the National Yang-Ming Medial University, Taipei Taiwan: later, a DMD degree from Tufts. Over the years, Dr. Cheung has been teaching both clinically and didactically, mentoring students for research. She published on topics relating to periodontal plastic surgeries and implant therapy, lectured nationally and internationally. In addition, she served as the President of the Massachusetts Periodontal Society. Currently, Dr Cheung is a reviewer for peer reviewed journals and the interim Assistant Director for the Postdoctoral Program in the Department of Periodontology at Tufts.

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