Philosophy & Mission

Our mission was to create a new paradigm for a dental practice one that offers patients the most complete and highest quality care at one location. Expert dental care within a dynamic modern facility.

We are a facility and staff that integrates your treatment…your goals… and your budget. We are sensitive to the problems within your family and yourself.  All of these play a role in defining the proper dental care for your family. We will integrate your oral/systemic health (a priority) with your cosmetic desires. Your smile should mean good looks as well as good health.

Our staff consists of “experts” in their fields, dentists with advanced training and residencies. Experts in restorative treatment (Fillings, crowns and cosmetics), experts in gum care, experts in TMJ treatment, experts in children’s dentistry, experts in endodontics (root canals) and experts in orthodontics (braces).

From cleanings and simple fillings to full mouth cosmetic reconstruction we have the skills, the experience and the knowledge to accomplish all your dental needs.

Our staff is aware of your financial requirements and can make your care as financially painless as possible. We also value your time and your work commitments and we will carefully plan your visits with these constraints considered.

Lastly, we are concerned about your medical health. Oral disease can adversely affect medical health, oral inflammation whether teeth borne or gum disease can affect your heart, your lungs, your sugar levels (diabetes) and even your pregnancy. Also the opposite is true, medical diseases can cause  dental problems and even exacerbate dental illnesses. A really great smile should be the billboard that says I am healthy as well.

Ready to smile with confidence?

The Dentists Collaborative was designed to afford patients the highest quality dental care. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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“The Collaborative”

Our location in North Andover has proven to be ideal. We have a great facility with equipment to match. Our practice was designed to emulate a “dental hospital”. It affords you, the patient, the care you require
and the care you must have. It allows us to utilize our advanced equipment and technology and the concept of a “Collaborative” allows us to discuss and create the perfect therapy for both your teeth and your pocketbook.

After visiting modern medical facilities we included in medical grade flooring, sterile (surgically clean) water, medical grade air to operate our drills and equipment,  and low radiation digital x-rays. Our office incorporates the advances that are part of most new hospital facilities. We are fully computerized to insure efficiency in scheduling and accuracy in treatment and diagnosis.

We have digital x-rays that reduce radiation by 90%. We have electric hand-pieces (drills) that have better torque, less vibration and speed controls which mean less pain and less heat when we prepare your teeth. Our operatories are larger and can accommodate wheel chairs as well as handle any
and all emergencies. Even our lighting uses day-light bulbs which is a more restful color and makes our tooth color selection more accurate.

Our sterilization room contains two (2) sterilizers and two ultrasonic cleaners. If we don’t use a disposable product then we heat/pressure sterilize the instrument. Your health is our top priority.