Areas of Expertise

Our dynamic family dental practice has five different types of highly trained clinicians on staff. They include:

Prosthodontist  (Dr Cassis, Dr. Damon)

A dentist responsible for diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of patients with complex clinical conditions, using bio-compatible substitutes, such as implants, to replace missing or deficient teeth and/or craniofacial tissues. A prosthodontist has extensive training in cosmetic and restorative dental care, and their expertise spans from simple fillings to full-mouth reconstruction. Post-graduate training requires a three-year residency after dental school graduation.

Periodontist (Dr. Halem)

A dentist that specializes in treating the diseases of the gums and bones of the mouth. A periodontist is responsible for the supporting structures around your teeth and are concerned with your bite and the relationship of the jaw (TMJ) to your dental needs. A Periodontist is the dental professional with the expertise to treat the oral infections and inflammation that often affects many common medical illnesses (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, low birth weight babies …to name a few). A three-year post-graduate residency is required.

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A dentist that specializes in treating infections of the root canals of teeth. They perform root canals that preserve teeth. Endodontists have a two-year residency following dental school.

Pediatric Dentist (Children’s Dentistry)

Your child should be under the dental care of a pediatric dentist. Pediatric Dentists are specially trained to deliver the additional and unusual care that children often require. Their training enables them to refine their diagnostic skills, to introduce and evaluate the newest techniques for child-care, and they are expert in a child’s patterns of growth and development. Knowing when to treat or not to treat is one of the most valuable skills of a Pediatric Dentist. Lastly, the Pediatric dentist has the skills and training to treat special needs children (non-ambulatory, poor communication skills, behavior problems and children with advanced medical problems). Pediatric dentists are affiliated with hospitals that are equipped to handle dental problems. If your child sees a Pediatrician then a Pediatric Dentist should also see them.

Orthodontist (Dr. Lala)

A dentist that moves teeth to improve the bite and the aesthetics of patients, often placing braces on the teeth. New technology allows an Orthodontists to move teeth with invisible trays called Invisalign. Orthodontists have a three-year residency after dental school.